Political Science is basically the study of politics and governance. The course can also considered as the study of man as he relates himself with the political structure and political institutions of his society. The program embraces the major concerns of Political Science namely Political Theory, International Relations, Comparative Government and Public Administration. Basic law subjects such as Political and Constitutional Law and as well as the other basic laws are also incorporated in the curriculum. This is to make the program dynamic and diverse because the appreciation of modern politics and governance can only be achieved by gaining knowledge of basic laws through which the social order operates. The program is also research oriented. Aside from the normal research class, research is also integrated in some of the major subjects in order to ensure the development of the student’s capacity to engage in research.

The students are expected to develop the following skills and knowledge:

1. The students are expected to be critically aware of the political situation of the country as it relates to the international sphere.

2. The students develop critical analysis and problem solving skills.

3. The students will develop a character that can contribute to nation building.

4. The students will be capable of engaging into research in the field of Political Science.