Underlying Philosophy

The ETEEAP seeks to assist Filipinos who have gained meaningful experiences and industry exposure to obtain a college diploma equivalency that will allow them to enjoy the full economic benefits of their knowledge, skills and competencies in the local and global workplace. To make the ETEEAP accessible and client- friendly, it shall observe the following policies:

Policy of Equivocation. The degree earned under the mainstream program is not, in any way, considered superior over the degree earned under the ETEEAP framework.

Policy of Uncompromising Quality. All efforts shall be exerted to ensure that the quality of graduates under the ETEEAP framework shall be equivalent to the quality of graduates in the mainstream mode.

Policy of Non-Disruption of Work. Enhancement and other ETEEAP processes shall be so conducted that they shall not disrupt the work schedule of the ETEEAP candidate.

Policy of Non-Discrimination. Acts constituting discrimination between a graduate from the ETEEAP framework vis-a-vis a graduate from the formal mode shall not be allowed.