Duties and Responsibilities of a Director, ETEEAP Center

Duties and Responsibilities

Director, ETEEAP Center


I. General Description

The Director for the ETEEAP Center is responsible for all the ETEEAP related activities and programs of the school.


II. Assumption into Office

He/she is appointed  by the President upon the recommendation of the VP for Academics with the approval of the School Board.


III. Term of Office

He/she shall hold office for a definite term and subject to reappointment. His/her term also shall be dependent on the status of SSC-R Manila being deputized by CHED as an ETEEAP implementor.


IV. Organizational relations

Upward:          VP for Academics

Downward:     Staff


V. Duties and Responsibilities:

             A. Supervisory and Administrative functions:

  1. Develops and implements clear and explicit institutional process, guidelines, policies and procedures that insure the integrity and quality of the ETEEAP
    • Establishes the ETEEAP monitoring, review and evaluation mechanisms
    • Structures and monitors the guided learning activities of the students with the Faculty Experts
    • Ensures the regular conduct of specialized training for panel of assessors, faculty experts and office staff involved in accreditation and equivalency processes and procedures
  1. Anchors all activities of the  school related to ETEEAP and keeps its records and documents effectively.
  2. Designs/innovates plans to market and make the ETEEAP Program viable
  3. Conducts regular research study on efficiency and effectiveness of ETEEAP implementation
  4. Operational Functions:
    • Receives and evaluates application forms and documents
    • Conducts and administers interview, personality assessment in coordination with SDPC and preliminary evaluation on different assessment results
    • Selects Panel of Assessors and Panel of Experts and assists them in the performance of their tasks and functions
    • Reviews the recommendations of Panel of Assessors and recommends the result to the School Board


            B. Coordinative Functions

  1. Coordinates with:
    • The Deans/Area Chairs regarding the applications to the program, identification of the Faculty Experts to be assigned to the application and the schedule of guided learning activity of the accepted applicants
    • The Registrar regarding the applicants admitted to the program and regarding the Program with ETEEAP students
    • Keeps the administration informed regularly of the status of the program through the VP for Academics

             C. Community Relations Functions

  • Submits to the CHED and to the School Board and President through the VP for Academics the semestral and annual reports pertaining to the implementation of the program
  • Represents the school in off-campus ETEEAP conferences, training and seminars
  • Establishes networks and linkages for possible funds for ETEEAP scholarship programs

VI. Qualifications and Competencies Requirements:

  1. Excellent eye for details, communication and interpersonal skills.
  2. Good in written and oral communication.
  3. A doctorate degree holder is preferred.
  4. Proven administrative and coordinative skills with a minimum of three years of experience at least with in the level of an academic coordinator/ area head or above.
  5. Significant experience in the  ETEEAP process with a track record of at least sitting as a panel of assessor or faculty expert.
  6. Excellent grasp of the school’s V-M-CO and programs
  7. Ability to work under pressure and on tight schedules