Duties and Responsibilities of an ETEEAP Career Guidance Counselor

I.                Job Title/Position: ETEEAP CAREER GUIDANCE COUNSELOR

II.              Key  Organizational Relationships:

The  Career Counselor is accountable to the Guidance Head since he/she is the Chief Administrator Officer of the guidance service and takes charge of the guidance activities and program.   The Career Counselor directly supervises the student.

III.             Job Description:

A.       General Objectives

Career Counselor is responsible for providing assistance to the guidance Head in the implementation of career guidance program and services to ETEEAP andidates/students. Along with providing counseling for ETEEAP candidates/students, Career Counselor/s or Vocational Counselor must help and assist individuals make various career decisions including the transition from one field to another.

 B.       Specific Objectives

  1. Provides  educational and vocational /career matters to students by holding interviews and counseling sessions.
  2. Determine what the student’s desires are with regard to what they wish to pursue once they graduate from their educational establishment through formulation of career plan.
  3. Make various items available to the student in order to help them formulate good decisions with regard to their future steps relating to education or vacation/career.
  4. Establish contact and linkages with different local and international companies who may help the student with the best career options and opportunities.
  5.  Keep detailed files on each student that they meet with and review the files during follow-up
  6. Administer aptitude tests and personality assessments to students that help identify career fields that may suit them.
  7. Prepares the Career Guidance Program and the corresponding students services offered.
  8. Assist faculties in understanding their student’s career interests, needs, strengths and weaknesses through regular conference.