Duties and Responsibilities : Registration and Records Management Staff

A.    General Description
He/she performs staff/secretarial duties as in-charge of the management of the registration and records of the ETEEAP Center

B.    Assumption into Office
The position is being applied for or appointed subject to the approval of the concerned parties.

C.    Term of Office
He/she shall hold office as Office Personnel Staff (OPS). As a staff of the department, she will be observed and evaluated every semester by the Office Head/s

D.    Organizational Relations

Upward: Director, ETEEAP Center
Downward: Student Assistants

E.    Duties and Responsibilities

a.    Makes necessary reports and/or communications as instructed by the Director

  1. Receives calls and inquiries related to ETEEAP which he/she directs to the Director for initial interview
  2. Records and relays to the person concerned in the department any message received or accepted in his/her behalf
  3. Books appointments/meetings of the Director and reminds him/her of the same
  4. Prepares communication (letters, memos and other types of correspondence) and other office-related works as directed by the Director
  5. Assists in the accuracy of all the reports
  6. Takes the minutes of the meetings of the office presided by the Director. Seeks an approval from the Director before the dissemination of the minutes of the meetings to the concerned persons (if necessary)

b.    Assists in the preparation, conduct and administration of Psychological/IQ Tests through the SDPC, Assessment examination (written and hands-on), Panel interview and Work site visits

  1. Prepares the venue and schedule
  2. Follows-up the applicants, faculty experts (checking of the exams and hands-on exam assistance) and Panel of Assessors (Panel interview)
  3. Prepares the necessary documents needed in the assessment
  4. Gathers the result of the assessment exam and processes them.

c.    Facilitates the:

1.    enrolment of candidates
2.    payment of the ETEEAP fees
3.    preparation of facilities for learning interactions

d.    Monitors the:

1.     regular conduct of modular classes
2.    attendance of the faculty experts and candidates
3.    other requirements expected from candidates

e.    Prepares the payment of the Panel of Assessors and Faculty Experts in consultation with the Director

f.    Maintains files and CONFIDENTIALITY of RECORDS

  1. Keeps records of the ETEEAP candidates
  2. Facilitates in the record of all incoming and outgoing correspondences
  3. Follows an efficient filing system. Takes charge of the record management of the office to ensure that documents can easily be retrieved whenever needed. Conducts computerization of files (if necessary)
  4. Submits in due time all the reports needed
  5. Makes the necessary follow-ups on the Director’s reports/assigned tasks
  6. Prepares the annual reports to be submitted to the School Board and CHEDRO with the recommending approval of the Director

g.    Calendars the activities and schedules (classes, assessment, etc.) of the office to avoid conflict
h.    Takes charge of the logistics and other necessary preparation in the seminars sponsored and conducted by the ETEEAP Center
i.    Accommodates and assists professionally the visitors in their different transactions
j.    Performs other functions such as:

  1. Ensures punctuality and regularity in reporting to office and other school-related activities
  2. Helps in the supervision and maintenance of the cleanliness and orderliness of the office
  3. Manages office supplies and reports for the repair and maintenance of defective facilities and equipment
  4. Supervises and evaluates the performance of the working scholars assigned in the department in consultation with the Director

k.    Performs such other functions and/or tasks related to the offices as may be required by the Director.

F.    Qualifications and Competencies Requirements

a.    Excellent eye for details, communication and interpersonal skills.
b.    Good in written and oral communication skills
c.    Proven coordinative skills with a minimum of three years of experience in the office staff handling and managing the records and registration
d.    Significant experience in the  ETEEAP process
e.    Excellent grasp of the school’s V-M-CO and programs
f.    Ability to work under pressure and on tight schedules