ETEEAP Faculty: Nature and Functions


 I. Nature of the Faculty Experts

ETEEAP Faculty expert shall serve as a member of the Panel who ensures the credibility of assessment of the ETEEAP applicants. He/she shall also serve as the teacher and mentor of the individualized and customized learning modules designed according to the needs of the candidates.

II. Qualifications of a Faculty Expert

  1. Faculty experts should be recommended by the Dean through the Area Head of the Department based on his/her performance, degree of specialization and commitment. Thus, not all faculty members of the department shall automatically become a faculty expert.
  1. Faculty experts shall be given an Appointment Letter from the office of the President and shall also sign a yearly contract.
  1. The qualifications of a faculty expert:
    • Shall be a permanent full-time faculty member or at least 2 years in teaching for the Probationary full-time faculty members
    • For part-time faculty members, shall be an industry practitioner and a member of different professional organizations
    • Shall have attended series of ETEEAP orientation programs and specialized training programs
    • Shall demonstrate commitment and dedication to adjust one’s schedule in the conduct of the individualized guided learning scheme according to the Candidates’ time availability
  1. Upon the recommendation of the Dean through the Area head, a faculty expert may be assigned as a member of the Panel of Assessors


II. Duties and Responsibilities of a Faculty Expert

  1. Designs Modular Learning Packages and submits them to the ETEEAP office through the Dean and the Area Head
  1. Prepares and submits the updated list of reference materials
  1. Prepares Assessment Examination (test menus) for assessment and evaluation subject to the approval of the ETEEAP Head/ Deans/ Heads

Note: The tests shall become property of SSC-R Manila ETEEAP Center

  1. Assesses/ Proctors the hands-on (laboratory) assessment examination of the ETEEAP applicant
  1. As a Member of the Panel of Assessors:
    1. Evaluates the following:
  • Authenticity of the documents
  • Result of the psychological/ IQ Test
  • analysis of the documents submitted
  • written and hands-on Assessment examinations given
  • psychological /IQ Exam
  • panel  interview (actual skill observation)
    1. Checks written and hands-on examination
    2. Conducts panel of Interview
    3. Conducts a worksite visit
    4. Assesses and determines the level of competencies based on the following:

f. Recommends the Modular Learning package, additional supplemental courses and/or awarding of degree

Note: In the conduct of the Assessment and Panel Interview, please see the nature and functions of the Panel of Assessors.

  1. Conducts Guided learning activities
    • Monitors the attendance of the Candidate
    • Provides learning activities, hand-outs, and reference materials
    • Conducts modular assessment exam
  1. Serves as a research paper/thesis adviser of the ETEEAP candidate



III. Payment of the Faculty Expert Services


  1. The Services that shall be given payment  will be as follows:
    1. Checking of Assessment Examination
    2. As a proctor during the hands-on (laboratory) assessment examination
    3. As a member of the Panel of Assessors
    4. In the conduct of the Modular Learning Sessions
    5. Research paper/thesis adviser
    6. As a member of the Panel of Thesis/research paper defense
  1. Payment Scheme


    1. The payment scheme shall be determined according to:


  • every hour rendered in the conduct of modular learning sessions)
  • every work /assignment rendered for every examination being checked, every proctorship for the hands-on exam and every membership in the panel of assessment
    1.  The rate shall be standard to all as determined by the school authority


  1. Mode of Payment


    1.  The ETEEAP Director:
  • monitors the services extended by the Faculty experts.
  • requests the payment of such extended services from  the Accounting Department
    1. ETEEAP Director will distribute the payment to the faculty experts concerned.  The faculty expert shall acknowledge the payment.