Goal and Objectives


To develop fully the system of equivalency and accreditation in higher education as a bridging mechanism for the flexible entry and exchange among the formal, non-formal and informal systems.


  1. To establish  a mechanism for assessment and accreditation of prior formal, non-formal and informal learning of individuals toward the granting of certificates and awards in higher education; and
  2. To establish guidelines for the award of higher education degree to deserving individuals.
  3. To ensure the highest standards of quality that are acceptable to employers and academe,     consistent with international standards of practice of professions.
  4. To establish a non- discrimination entry of participants to the program.
  5. To create   Fairness, creativity, and appropriateness of the assessment process
  6. To  adhere to the highest principles of integrity and excellence.
  7. To establish  partnership between the industry, professional associations, professional regulatory bodies and the academe.
  8. To promote career guidance, self- inherent academic formation and further competency enhancement programs and services.
  9. To ensure total human development of the candidate through continuous values formation, religious formation,  social responsibility/outreach program involvement and wellness programs participation.

SSC-R Manila’s ETEEAP Center adopts the following ETEEAP Standards of Practice
as defined by CMO NO. 08, Series 2009:

  1. Accessibility and respect of clientele
  2. Accreditation of demonstrated learning
  3. Awarding of credit
  4. Judgments based on criteria
  5. Transparency, fairness, objectivity and consistency of processes
  6. Transferability of credits
  7. Credibility of assessment
  8. Availability of services and supports to applicants
  9. Well-defined staff roles and responsibilities
  10. Monitoring and evaluation for efficiency, effectiveness and quality assurance
  11. Availability of all information
  12. Documentation and record of all assessment results