Panel of Asssessors : Nature and Functions


I. Composition of the Panel of Assessors

  1. Members of the Panel
    • Faculty Expert as recommended by the Area Head and the Dean of the Department
    • Industry Representative- endorsed by the head of agency with at least five years of relevant work experience and/ or Representative from Professional Organization or Consumer Group-endorsed by head of organization or consumer group with at least five years of  work experience
    • Dean/ Area Head of the IREP (for Religious Education/ Values Education subject package)
    • Area Head of the Languages ( for the Communication Skills subject packages)
    • Dean and Area Head of the College/ Department
  1. ETEEAP Director serves as the Chairman


II. Functions of the Panel of Assessor

1. Evaluates the following:

  • Authenticity of the documents
  • Result of the psychological/ IQ Test

2. Checks written and hands-on examination
3. Conducts Panel of Interview
4. Conducts a worksite visit
5. Assesses and determines the level of competencies based on the following:

  • analysis of the documents submitted
  • written and hands-on Assessment examinations given
  • psychological /IQ Exam
  • panel of interview (actual skill observation)

 6. Recommends the Modular Learning package, additional supplemental courses and/or awarding of degree


II. Procedures in the Conduct of the Panel Interview:

  1. The Role of the Panel of Assessors commences when the applicant went  through the following procedures:
  • Submission of the complete documents
  • Initial interview by the ETEEAP Director
  • Psychological/ IQ Test
  • Assessment Examination (written and hands-on)

Note: Assessment examinations are prepared and checked by the faculty Experts. The ETEEAP office conducts and facilitates the written

examination while the hands-on examination shall be conducted by the assigned faculty experts.

  1. One week before the Panel Interview, all members of the Panel of Assessors shall be:
    •  notified in writing for the schedule of the  Panel Interview
    • provided with the following for initial assessment:
  •  Documents Submitted by the Applicants
  • Psychological /Iq Test Result
  • Assessment Examination Results
  • Assessment Forms

2. The Panel of Assessors will evaluate and assess the documents submitted and fill-out the necessary forms.

 3. During the Panel Interview,  each panel of assessors will be given 3 minutes to raise issues and concerns to the applicants (may be in the forms of comments, clarifications, questions, insights and suggestions)

 4. After the Panel Interview, the panel of assessors:

  • Will determine and declare whether the applicant passes or fails the assessment
  • Will prepare the modular learning packages if the applicant passes.

5. The application of the papers of those who failed the assessment will be forwarded to the Office of the ETEEAP director for record purposes and possible re-assessment

 6. The ETEEAP Director  informs the successful applicant of the following:

  • Result of the assessment process
  • Modular subject packages to be taken
  • Possible total number of scheduled hours and schedules of modular classes
  • Faculty experts who will handle the modular subject packages